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About James

James Freemantle is a leader in personal brand


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As founder of, James helps people to experience dramatic improvement in their abilities to express, influence and inspire. Professional sportspeople, entertainers and executives rely on him to enhance their abilities in presentation techniques, personal brand and media interactions. James combines his experience in media, teaching and performing arts to deliver high energy, innovative, effective workshops.

Based in Moscow during 2007/08 James was an international anchor for 24-hour TV News channel Russia Today, broadcasting globally. He is well known for his exuberant TV work circa 1998 – 2007 when he wrote, produced and presented over 300 stories for Australian television – on Coxy’s Big Break, Postcards, Talk to the Animals and Bread.

James is degree qualified in English, History and Education and has travelled extensively (working as a prawn-fisherman, windsurf instructor, opal miner, actor and jackaroo). He's is a mental health advocate for SANE Australia, and REDgum is a charity partner of the Entrust Foundation – wise philanthropy in the developing world – and Ladder – tackling youth homelessness.

Speaking at the one hundred percent project

Reading the news at Russia Today

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